Why won't my ex and his girlfriend leave me ALONE?

My ex dumped me over 6 months ago and he's currently dating a new girl (they've been together a couple months), but they won't leave me alone. They never talk to me in person but they're constantly laughing at me and talking shit about me. (my friends tell me and I can even HEAR them talking about me sometimes when I'm around)
I know I'm their laughing stock but I honestly do not understand why because I'M the one who should be hating on him, when I clearly do not give a shit. Why won't they understand that? They stare at me whenever I'm around them and I know they make jokes about me but it makes no sense because I'm completely over him and I haven't done anything to either of them.

Why's this happening and how do I get it to stop?


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  • Don't know if you can stop it but psycho's will be psycho's, ya know? haha.. ignore them? Have mercy on mentally ill folks like them and realize that they probably had a very bad upbringing... or whatever. Pray for people like that.


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  • Ignore them completely, they want a reaction from you. Don't give them one.

  • You can't; they probably think its funny fucking with you

  • He just wants you
    She's insecure


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