An ex wants contact after 2 months? He was the dumper?

My ex broke up with me 2 months ago during a heated argument. We were together for 18 months and living together.

We've had to stay in contact to get our bond back. A month ago we sat down and he said after we get our bond back well go our separate ways no contact.

He has called me in regards to the property (quite incessantley at times even though I've asked him to just leave a message and ill get back to him) however these calls seam more like excuses to talk to me.
When I mentioned to him the other day that my dr is referring me to a neurologist he asked me to keep him in the loop.
When I asked him why when he wanted no contact he said that he still cares and that was before he knew about these health problems
Why does he want contact now?
does he feel guilty about the breakup?
or does he regret his decision to breakup?


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  • He regrets it. I did the same, talk to him.
    Find out if he really regrets and has changed his attitude and if yes give him another chance.
    Otherwise, keep that door closed.


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  • I guess he regrets for the breakup now so there is no problem if you really don't want to be in relationship then you can be just friend and if he started liking you again then it's upon you you can say him no later and you can move on or it's better to say no from now because this problem will be there again for sure.
    I think you can be friend or else if you think he is not trust worthy then tell him i don't want to talk to you anymore as i have to concentrate in my Life and i need no support.
    so, it's on you what you wish to do? :)


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