Ex broke up with me but still text me and tells me that he loves me and he thinks about me. What should I do?

My ex broke up with me about two months ago. He wanted to be friends but I told him I can't be his friend and I'd rather lose him at all than be his friend. He even said im selfish when I told him that and that it wasn't love that I feel for him I was just so hurt and I honestly don't know what to do now. I was devastated when he broke up with me. I ended up accepting the friendship because I really don't want to lose him but ithurts me. he is being so numb and being so insensitive with his actions, he sometimes tells me that he is thinking of me and that he loves me. It hurts me more! I don't know what to do! He loves me but doesn't want a relationship with me. I am confused. He knows that I love him. I am trying not to talk to him. I haven't talked to him in a week now.


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  • It sounds as though he Still cares very much for you, and Still Wants You in his life... Even without strings attached. And with this 'Kissing and Still kissing' meant for you Yet, I believe he May also want a 'Friends with benefits' factor as well. So he most likely wants his cake and eat it too.
    It's your call, your choice if you Still want to remain as a part of the pie, but from the way I am reading, you are Still 'Numb' from the break-up... Yes, still 'In love with him...'
    Do some soul searching. If it Isn't for you, whether friends with or without His benefits, then tell him you think it would be best if you both just Moved on, for you are still licking a few old wounds.
    Good luck. xx

    • I don't think he wants to have a Friends with Benefits kind of relationship. We were never really that intimate with each other. though we talked about doing it, we never did. We are both virgins. I think its kind of selfish of him to not to want to have a relationship and still wants me in his life, it hurts so much. I tried talking to him to have him back a few times but I got tired now, my feelings have been hurt and my heart is still breaking from what happened. It's nver easy to move on.

    • I know it's hurtful, but it's the old: I don't want a strings attached, hooked at the hip, but I still Need you as my friend. It's up to you how you want to handle him, but no guarantee he will see it again your way. This is even More of a topping to your cake, yes hard to move on. But if you find you can't do it, just have little or no contact. xx

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  • No need to avoid him - work through the pain to research EXACTLY what the stone wall IS between two such obvious loves - else, this will haunt you (possibly him) into your 60's

    Those that don't learn from history are forced to repeat it

  • I would advise that you keep contact with him to an absolute minimum. You need a lot of time just to heal the emotional hurt that you are feeling and the only way is time. Guys sometimes do not know what they have lost and once they do realise, they try to get back together or to be friends. I think that you should send him a message telling him you need space and that he has to respect it. If he does not, tell him that your friendship is over. He must understand that you are hurt and all this talk of of still loving you is hurting you. If it is too much to handle, consider ending the friendship. I see that you have not talked to him in a week which is a good start. I know how it feels to be hurt so badly and honestly all I can offer is the advice that time will heal you.


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  • Don't talk to him, he is not worth it. My friend broke up with her boyfriend because she wasn't happy with him and he is doing the same thing your ex is doing to you. They had the same situation as you in the past and it didn't work with them being friends and got back together and are now in the situation you are but worse because she doesn't want to be friends right now because he is bad mouthing her and stalking her. If He is anything like my friend's ex don't try and be friends with him.

    • Well the situation might be very different. I don't know their story but I know mine. We love each other but the situations are not kind to us so he broke up with me thinking it was the best thing to do. I was left so hurt because I wanted to fight but ryt now I can no longer do it. I know he loves me but that love hurts me.

  • He can't have it BOTH ways, you are right. DO NOT be his friend, so if he wants you back, he will do it and not string you along as a friend and try to sleep with you while he plays around with other girls.

    • Should I block him on facebook?

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    • ... Block him on FB if you Really want NO contasct with him... Even block him on your phone once you have told him it's best we both move on... xx

    • And action speaks louder than words, if he still loves her like he says, why is not acting on it to get back with her and make her his? This is a serious red flag regarding his intentions. Until he is willing to demonstrate ACTION that he does love her, talk is cheap.

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