Is the perfect girl but bad timing possible?

I found the perfect girl at the worst timing possible. We both fell in love at the time we both separated for college. We ended up lasting 2 years on a long distance relationship but couldn't do it anymore. She says it got harder and harder everytime we had to leave eachother and she couldn't do it anymore. She met a new guy but still keeps in touch with me a lot and it was really hard for me to swallow that down but there's nothing I can do about it. We eventually saw eachother this summer and she keeps telling me that its only "goodbye for now" I didn't want to be her friend at first because she hid this new guy from me when promising to stay single and spend summer together but i eventually just let her talk me into it. She hid him from me because she said "she didn't want to hurt me" and that its just a fling. I really love this girl but Im not sure if letting her go would even help at all
i know my question is getting answers i wasn't looking for but i worded it wrong, im just wondering if it possible to eventually get true love back after letting go because of bad timing


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  • Yes it is possible


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  • Is there such a thing as finding someone you like at a bad time.
    Ofc there is.

    • any stories you know of of eventually it working out in the end?

    • Personally, no.
      Then again, i'm not much of a people person and don't talk with that many.

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