What does it mean when an ex calls out of nowhere? will they try again?

missed a late night call from my ex after a bad ending to a tumultuous relationship that was never even official due to issues he hadn't worked out from his first and only ever relationship that had gone on for years. I don't feel like I should call him back, but honestly I do really want to talk to him, do guys usually try again?


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  • Calls out of nowhere? Maybe he just thought of you and wanted to talk, or had been thinking about you for awhile and that was his move or maybe had to talk to you for some reason unrelated to your relationship.
    Calls out of nowhere late at night? Brotha's drunk and lonely. You want a booty call go ahead and respond. Otherwise I'd just forget the whole thing.

    • you think he only called for a booty call? after our relationship ended in me actually specifically telling him never to call me if he just wanted to fuck?

    • Could never say with certainty why he called, I'm not him. But given the circumstances that seems the most likely to me.
      Again, just my take on it.

    • even though I yelled at him to never call me for that again you think he'd still do it?

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