Need Help with my Ex Please, So Many Mixed Signals?

Ok so I dated this guy for 6 months. He was so sweet, made me feel good about myself without expecting anything in return and I tried to do the same for him. I got very close with his family, who right from the start accepted me into the family, always saying we'd be together for ever (his mom and sister even joked they were already planning our wedding). There were a few times he even mentioned us getting married. Then one week, he grew really distant, and eventually ended it, saying that we didn't have anything in common and we were growing apart. He said we hardly got to see each other (which is a down right lie cause we saw each other 5-6 days a week). So he ended it and I was heartbroken.
Eventually he started texting me, saying how sorry he was and wanting to stay in contact, which was fine, I could be friends with him. We texted for a few weeks and then he stopped contacting me.
Like previously stated, I was very close with his family so when his sister begged me to come to a party I decided to go, knowing it might get awkward. His family kept bringing up our relationship and bad mouthing his decision but I tried not to say anything bad cause I knew it would get back to him and make me look bitter. His father kept mentioning how much my ex misses me and how often he talks about me. His whole family kept saying I need to come over and hang out, even invited me for a weekend away.
That all seems strange seeing as he doesn't seem to want anything to do with me at the moment. Does his family expect us to get back together? More importantly is this a sign he wants to get back with me? Should I talk to him about this or leave it alone?


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  • I think all the family getting involved and talking about weddings, gave him the cold feet. He shut down and made up an excuse to end it. I guess it must say that he isn't as fully committed to you as you thought.
    What you do after is your decision, but I'm sure he misses you.
    Just 6 months and already talking about a wedding gave him the cold feet so he just wanted out before it got too serious.

    • Nice I agree.

    • that's what I thought too. i never brought it up, they did or sometimes he would. I've always been under the impression that if a girl starts talking about the future, it scares the guy away.

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