"We can be friends" from ex girlfriend meaning?

My ex and I dated for about 8 months. The relationship has been over for about 6 months. During the moment of breakup, she said she still cared for me and wanted to be friends. For the next month, I did plead with her to give me another chance, and insults were given from me and her during that time. The second month after the breakup, more insults were passed between the two of us. Then for the last 4 months there wasn't any contact until I recently texted her about the possibility of getting back together. She texted me back and said my feelings may not have changed, but mine have. I then called her, and she picked up and I asked her whether she did or didn't want me to communicate with her anymore? She responded, "we can still be friends." She still didn't answer directly if she want to stop talking. I obviously want her back, and the time apart is not helping me. She hasn't seen anybody else since me and our mutual friend says she asks about me a lot. Is she completely over me or am I being strung along here? She's a quiet and keeps to herself a lot kind of person. Should I be friends with her, if I still want her back? Should I not be friends with her and just let go? I'm just confused really as to whether she may have romantic feelings for me still, but doesn't know how to tell me, or if she doesn't know how to say goodbye and leave me in peace, because she has never given me an answer to my direct questions of whether I should stop talking to her about getting back together.
Since I posted this message, I did end up texting my ex with the intention of satisfying my needs and hers. I texted her that I couldn't be friends right now cause I still had obvious feelings for her and that being in a friendship would hinder me...
moving on. She ended up calling me and getting mad, saying we could be friends that go to movies and that talk. I said no, and would be fine with just being aquaintences. She was angry, and threatened to punch me. Lol. Any comments on that?


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  • It means " i still want you around because I might need you in the future, but not now".

    Yeah she still has feeling, but not sure if her intentions are right.


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  • she's unable to deal with your absence from her life.. but that doesn't mean that she wanna get back with you

  • She probably does still have feelings for you, but that doesn't mean she wants you back. people try and stay friends after a breakup because they're close to that person and it's difficult to completely stop caring about a person you've had a very close relationship with for a significant amount of time. I think you'd best just leave things alone between you, only with some distance and time apart will you gain some incite and figure out if there is something you can work again on. Just give each other space and try to move on with your life. She probably hasn't been clearer with you because she doesn't want to further hurt your feelings.

  • Maybe she think she can keep you wrapped around her finger in her time of need whether it be her needing a favor for you to do something for her or her needing you to make her feel special after she goes through a breakup or something seeing as you have showed her you'd be there for her. Just a thought


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