What does he mean he needs time?

So I need some advice.
My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago
We was together a year and 4 months. And he lived with me.
We broke up and He moved on, but a day after our break up he started texting me regretting breaking up he was saying he missed me. Well we texted everyday for a week. Then last week he came and stayed with me and things was perfect he was telling he enjoyed spending time with me and he wanted to move back. Well Friday he went back home. He has told me he still wants to be friends and he's still supporting me financially. Even after I've asked him not to. Any way this week he has been acting very strange he doesn't text me first I've been texting him. A lot actually. And today he said that he needed time to figure out he wanted. I asked if he had to think if he wanted to be with me or the new girl or think about his self. He said himself.
He said he needed time to get his self back on track and that he was under a lot of pressure from everyone because he's trying to make everyone happy and emotionally he's drained. So my question is. Do I let him have his space and not text him and let him figure things out. He said he wanted to come back he just needed time to think about His self and what he wants such as goals and life. Or what do I do?


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  • Back up & let him miss you, don't always run back so easily us guys wan't something more if it's harder to get


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  • I would say give him space and don't contact him or text him whatsoever. Delete his number from your phone. Let him chase you don't chase him because it shows your weak. Trust me it happened between my ex and I and I got hurt and we broke up. If he needs time to figure things out then he doesn't deserve you. If he wants you back he will text you. Don't fall for the I'm sorry I love you talk. That's just an easy way of them getting you back. I been the situation before and wish I had stuck with my gut. I look at going back out with an ex again as rereading the same chapter in the book again. You can't change the ending or anything. Don't run back to him so easy, cause you could hit your head pretty hard and it hurts.


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  • :-( I am afraid this is the same thar happened to me. He also used the same excuses. And in the end, he left me.
    So, follow your heart. But don't keep high expectations. When guys start with crap, is not a good sign.


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