I feel like a piece of trash. How can I cope before it's too late?

We did things. I was a shy, virgin. I got humiliated, played, and stepped on.

Anyway he is a player. I'm always on his social media accounts and he will put things like "move on" or "people who cheat are immature" or "idgf" or talks about his girlfriend. He will even post images of people having intercourse.

I cry everyday because of this. I still care and I still want him. I honestly feel there is no better guy out there than him. I don't want anybody else, but him.

I pray everyday for god to give me strength. I even pray for him too, but I am emotionally a total wreck.

I even stopped going to school which probably failed the semester. I stopped going to work. I cry everyday, every hour.

My parents think I'm clinically depressed and should see a doctor because it's debilitating.(they don't know why)

At the same time I'm mad at myself for letting someone have so much power over me. I think about suicide constantly, I just don't care anymore.

I deleted all my social media accounts so I don't have access to his accounts. I have to let go, but it is killing me. I just pray god will forgive my sins, but especially his and what he has done.

I need your point of view and help.


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  • You've done nothing wrong. Last time I looked, it wasn't sinful to be a victim of a deceptive person.
    Even pre-marital sex isn't sinful, especially for a woman, if you read the Bible. Reading an English translation/mistranslation of the Bible could lead you to mistakenly believe otherwise.

    I'm surprised that such a short term relationship has affected you this much. Logic would tell you that he's no good, that your better off without him, and he doesn't deserve your love. There's no point living in a dream world of what if he was better in this way or that way, and everything would be happy. He is not different and it's not likely to happen, and the best thing was for you to find out soon.
    Even a little sooner would have been good, but you can't have everything. Some people invest 5 or 10 years into a relationship, only to find out their partner is no good.

    Say to yourself "I might have been had, but I can't be bought". You haven't sold out your values, and there's nothing to be ashamed of.

    You've probably been burning up a ridiculous amount of vitamins with this recent stress. When you get run down, it gets worse. At least get a vitamin B supplement and take a good dose every morning. A dose of vitamin C every 2 hours until mid-afternoon will keep it working. A calcium and vitamin D supplement at night wouldn't hurt too (if you take it the same time as vitamin C, they destroy each other).
    Get some serious strenous exercise. You'll feel a lot better, and cope better.

    If you drink, don't get drunk, but one or two might relax you. OK as a night cap.


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  • Get some help dammit. You're not going to feel better by sitting there crying (as unfortunate as that is), you do need to see a therapist, or at least talk to your parents.

    There's very little chance that you'd be able to get the guy to settle enough for you to be in a relationship. Seriously, I know guys like that, only age is going to help them.

    Also, go back to work. Again, you need to be doing things to forget.

    • not the encouraging type are you cold heart?

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    • How'd Adam fail? I mean, he had no involvement in Eve's actions.

    • Adam ate from the fruit simply because Eve told him to. He didn't question it.

      Anyway thank you for your help.

  • You know I was in a similar situation myself.
    I meat her she had a boyfriend and cheated with me for 7 months telling me that she loves me and that she wants to leave him and be with me because she has such strong feelings for me. Well she broke it off with me twice and came back before she finally had the guts to break it off for good and tell him that she had cheated. He wanted her to say and she did she was really mean to me screamed at me in the middle of the parking lot how much she didn't care about me and that she never wanted me in her life again. They were happy for two months and she started messaging me again to witch I didn't respond to. But she kept writing and calling so eventually I answered her and we saw each other she told me she missed me and wanted to give us a real chance and she left her boyfriend and we were together for a few days it seemed like she was really sincere and in love. A few days later she returned back to her boyfriend and told me to stay away from her.
    So now I don't know weather I was played or is she really a girl that has a lot of problems and couldn't handle them. I know a lot about her and her past and she has had a lot of problems.
    I really fell in love with her and if felt like she did with me to and that's what makes everything seem even worse.

    I'm in the same boat as you are I'm depressed keep thinking what I did wrong even though I gave her everything I could and can't understand the situation.
    You need to know it's not your fault and you probably gave it everything you could and you just got used by a person that has too much problems with their own lives to even notice that their actions hurt others. Just try and remember that not everybody in the world is bad and not everybody is going to treat you like that and I know it's hard I can't imagine because I can't do it myself right now.

    If you want to talk some more send me a message and we can talk.

    I wish you to be better soon.

  • God forgives and thier are consequences to sin however part of you're soul joined to his, our hearts where not made for more then two partners god and the man he put in you're life for you. its a hard healing provess but those that repent and humble themselves take full responsibilty and magnify him god will restore listen to this and it will help you ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeGWrJNu2Zg&list=UUKESqvPw4WJ5FopOMbrS8Bg

    • My heart's fine after about 100 partners, and I'm sure my next long-term partner will benefit from any experience I've gained and be loved as much or more than any other.
      I don't put limitations on sex or love.
      This girl has no cause to repent. She's done nothing to hurt anyone, and is guilty of nothing.

    • IDIOT why do you bother me you blasted troll ugh men and women deal with sex different MORON! and you have bothered me with you're shananigans thrice now quite annoying tractor.

  • Just go near him.. give him a tight slap...
    burn and delete all his pictures and hang out with ur friends...
    u will feel better


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  • You have more power of yourself than you think. Accept he's an idiot. You know deep down he is. 20 years from now you won't even know one another, just focus on yourself.

    • You're right. Yes, I know he is. Thank you

  • It already happen. You're not a piece of trash. He is.
    You have to let it go. You can't let affect your life like this. He's not worth your tears.

  • That is the problem with break-ups. You are so torn, still yearning for his love, your heart says yes and your head says no, he's bad for you. Forget what other people say, it will take time to heal, you won't forget him right away. But the worst thing you can do is sulk and not continue your life; letting yourself die on the inside. Find a purpose in life, a reason to live like completing school, working really hard at work, maybe losing some weight, or create your own goal. But, whatever you do, don't let him get you down! YOUR SO MUCH BETTER THAN HIM!! HE IS JUST A PLAYER AND A D*CK FOR BEING ONE!!!

  • It's not your fault you're feeling this way. He seems like the biggest jerk around. How long have you been feeling this way?
    Don't bottle up your feelings.
    You should talk it out with a therapist if you're too shy to talk about this to your parents. Tell your bestie too, he/she will totally understand and make you feel better. Sharing this with trusted ones will make you feel liberated.
    Don't let that wankstain destroy you. You have to be strong for yourself and your parents. This will pass and you'll move on! However cruelly, you learned a lesson and this will never happen again.

  • I know the feeling my ex was a player to. I didn't feel loved by him I felt used. I know how you feel and I wish i could make you feel better. Its not your fault, its his. Its his loss not yours don't blame yourself. You shouldn't want him, love if he stepped on you and played you... You shouldn't want him. Why have feelings for someone who is just going to chew you up and spit you out? I've felt like that before, its like being poison in someone else's mouth. Forget him, its not your fault its his loss. If he can't see how much you have to offer him then he doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve him. Distract yourself, go out with your friends. Go to the movies, go to the mall. Take a vacation, go out and explore the world. There's more fishes in the sea, he's not the only fish you see? Don't stay stuck in a relationship where you don't belong its like being stuck in quicksand your just dying for a way to get out. Move on with your life and meet other people. Don't let little things such as a break affect you or make you do something that you are going to regret. You can't blame yourself for every little thing. God made you, as you and you just have to except that. Every girl is beautiful it just takes the right guy to see it, and he obviously doesn't see it. There's nothing wrong with you, its something wrong with him he needs help. Take time and heal, distract yourself. And whatever you have in remembrance of him, I say you throw it away. Number, etc delete it all and/or throw it away. There's someone out there for you, you'll find him someday and you'll be much much happier than you are today.

  • There are other people out there. You WILL get through this. You just need to realise that you don't need him and that he doesn't deserve you. I know its easy to say and feels impossible to do but stay strong and you will get through it.
    Also, it sounds like you have become deeply depressed as result of this. I suggest that you should talk to someone you feel comfortable with (family and friends) if you can. I understand if you can't talk to them but it is better if you can. Also seek professional help. Another thing you could do is to join an online support group where you can talk about your situation with people who know what your going through and receive support.

    • Thank you. An online support group sounds good.

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