Should I Move, Even Though We Broke Up?

Two months ago I was dumped by my bf in UK (I am in US) in the middle of me planning to move out there to be with him. During the time when I was still planning on moving there I applied to a bunch of jobs. One of those jobs just got back to me that they want to hire me. Its an amazing opportunity working for a company that will look great on my resume, better money and will pay for my relocation. However, I am still pretty angry about the break-up and hurt. I did fall in love with the area as well and I wasn't JUST moving there to be with him, I really did love England. My Other dilemma is that I took a job here, which as much as I love... not as amazing as this new one.

Here's my questions:

- Would it be pathetic to move there to take a job I only applied for to be with him?

- If I didn't take it, does he win?
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  • Short answer: Do it. If it still has benefits for you to relocate, it doesn't make sense to abandon all those plans and the job opportunity. After all, there's plenty of guys out there, just because one of them let you down it doesn't mean you can't use your past relationship to your advantage.


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  • if you don't take it, it does not mean he won. he lost by breaking up with you, keep that in your mind. now if you want to take the new job in the UK then you have to have a better reason than your previous one. if you don't then you might end up having "mover's remorse" and eventually hate living there. this will take some thought but im assuming you don't have much time. use the time you have to really think about this one. it seems like one of those decisions where you can't go back, and if you do it would be really hard to come back from. take the job is that is what will truly make you happy and because you live love the job and yourself and your new home. but if that is not the case, highly reconsider.


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