I've made a mistake... please help!!!

So my ex and I broke up abthe broke up with me because he saw guys on my. phone and assumed I was talking to guys behind his back.. I shrugged talking to those guys because I never hung out with them nor liked them... Iended up deleting their #s but since than our relationship went downhill.. lately I wld ask to hangout and he wld say ok.. he wld give me a tight hug and kissed me.. I think I've been smothering him tho because Everytime we wld be together I wld say "I miss you" or "can we make things work" and he wld say "I dnt want to talk about it" apparently he's been talking to a new girl but he also has gone out with me and kissed me... however today I told him how I missed him and he got. really upset he said not to be pressuringhim about that.. he's not comfortable talking about that and he can only be friends with me right now... he said give me space to get over my issues maybe in the future we can. be together but not right now... nowhere worse is we work together.. he told me.. I dnt want to see you sad or keep hurting you your going to make me want to get another job because I dnt want to hurt you see you sad.. he said please just be my friend.. I just dnt understand tho when we wld be together when I wld be more flirtatious he wld end up kissing me and telling me he wld miss me when im gone but him telling me this today I don't know what to think.. he's been under a lot of pressure with his job and my bff told me the new girl texted him randomly that she was going to have to be gone for 2 weeks and how she wld like to spend time with her friends.. so I just fig it was the perfect time to spend more time with him while she was gone.. I wanted to show him im still here.. but now I feel I cnt do anything.. why wld he kiss me, why tell me this today.. what shld I do what do you think is going on... please help.. he's told me he's seen me trying but right now he cnt give me a relationship right now... how do I show him without smothering


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  • I can see he no longer into you only if he can get the benefits of having a gf without the commitment. I can smell free sex. Why buy the cow of he can get the milk for free. Value your worth.


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