Divorced Parents not having their child live with them?

Can someone tell me when you get a divorce and a child is involved. When the one parent gets full custody of the child does the other parent (who only see the child every other weekend) go through a mourning phase because the child isn't there? If so, how long should that phase be?


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  • I'm actually having thoughts of suicide over this issue right now. I miss my baby girl and the mother is just evil or heavily influenced by her family because of their hatred of men.


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  • Most of the times if they don't even get shared custody they really don't care about the kid. They just see it as a boring thing to do every other weekend.

    • this guy i'm dating is an emotional reck right now. He gets his daughter every Wednesday and every other weekend.. he is crying because he misses her and i just don't know how long this will last

    • If it's that important to him he would be working on getting an appeal. Prove to the judge that he wants his daughter as much as the ex.

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  • It is a mourning phase, for a man it last probably not as long as the mothers


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