Why would you regret missing out son someone who isn't that great for you?

I've been with someone for alittle over a year, and we're very connected. But there are things about her that I just can stand. She's super stubborn, makes me feel guilty, works power plays in out arguments, and is a bit of a control freak. My work and home life has brought a great amount of stress for me, and I asked her what would you do if we parted ways temporarily in order for me to get my shit together and fix myself? She looked at me and said "I'd never date you ever again. I leave my past behind me, and that's that." So now, I asked her for space, and she was on board, but I don't know how long that's going to last. Should I feel resentful? Am I over thinking it? If she asked me the same question, I'd tell her "whatever you need. Out yourself back together, and let me know." Do I care too much, or do I love to much?
I forgot to mention that I also suffer from depression. She knows this and has been watching me rot for the last two or so months. I've begged for space before, but I didn't get it. I finally put my foot down the other day and she agreed.
Sometimes I think I'm better off, but the thought of her cutting me out and moving on makes me crazy. What's this all about?


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  • Take care of yourself first. The last thing you need is a control freak breathing down your neck tearing apart atyour self-esteem making you feel crappier than you already do. Give yourself some space... maybe a bit of a break. Perhaps she will learn that the way she is treating you is not right.

    • I get that no one likes being stepped away from, but if it's not because they don't love you, and you want to get better so you can love them, why would you hold guilt over someone?

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