My ex blocked me on text and I'm upset about it but not that surprised?

I tried to text her the other day but it failed to send , I'm pretty sure its still her # so she must of blocked me or for some reason I can't text her. I used to be able to text her so not sure why she blocked me. we haven't texted much anyways for a while but do talk in person and I've seen her a few times in person this summer and things seemed fine so sort of surprised she felt a need to block me as I don't even text people much anyways.

so yeah should I just over look the fact she did this and keep talking to her in person or should I ask why she is trying to lose contact with me? as we seem to still get along and I though we were still friends


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  • She probably blocked you to make sure she doesn't break down when she feels weak and contact you again. She needs space to deal with the break up. She is putting up walls to protect herself


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  • Do you know if she was dating or not? If she just started or was but found a guy, and she might think it wrong to be with another and still text you, so then that might be why she blocked you. If you see her, then ask why, otherwise just move along and don't seek her out, let her come or text you if she decides to.

    • I'm not 100% sure she seems to know various guys and there might be one she's dating but I'm not sure if he lives here or not , might work out of state so not sure how serious they'd be at this time

    • I think things just got serious between her and another guy, even if he works out of state. Don't sweat it, just find another girl, take a chance and get her name and number. It's hard, but if I can do it, anybody can.

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  • the more you chase her the more she is gonna run


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