What does it mean when your ex bf said he loves you a lot then gets in a relationship with your close bff?

I and my ex have been friends for 4 years, we talk and such. So he used to send me special vids of him. I used to doubt that he might be liking me yet I kept it to myself didn't tell him. Cause he's not the type of guy who would go on relations. Then my close bff told me why don't you try when I confess to her. I told her no he's like my friend bro.

After my bffs bday we told him, he said that he loves me. I was shocked, that's not him. So then I told him why don't we take it slow cause I was scared. He agreed yet didn't do like I wanted, as in we understand one another & like eachother.

So he still took it seriously, he didn't get me cause he told me love words & I love you, I didn't wanted to hurt him and went along with him and told him I love him too.

He noticed that I began to change & not like before, so he noticed. Then I decided to breakup with him. I felt guilty cause I did it. I didn't want to lose him, I told him can we be friends? He said it's fine we can be friends forever, I felt pleased yet he seemed mad when he said it in texting. Then he stopped talking to me. Why? He still think that am a liar and stabbed of what I did. I had to it wasn't my choice. Then I figured out from my guy bff that he told him that I am a stupid bitch by what I did to him and repay him. I am not bad. Am I?

Then I knew from my close bff that they got in a relationship, cause before me she used be in love with him and he used to be younger than her, he didn't know what love is. She stopped talking to me cause of him I don't know her anymore once she's with him. What do I do? Do I talk to them? Help me:(.


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  • maybe he feels hurt due to the fact that you broke up with him ( the reason why he told to your guy friend that you're a stupid bitch)... he might has decided to turn towards your friend and ask her out because she is older than him and that he thinks she will be more mature and will not break up with him... and also i think that he has told your bff that you badly hurt him/didn't treat him well (the reason why she stopped talking to you)


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