A serious past that I had and everyone always brings up?

I used to be really close to this one guy but our relationship wasn't much. You could have called him my boyfriend in a way I guess.

Anyways, serious things happened that led to our friendship and relationship falling apart. That was a year and some months ago.

But here is the thing. Everybody always is bringing it up. They keep on asking me questions about him like: do you still love him? Do you still miss him? Was he your boyfriend? Do you have a new boyfriend?

The point is they won't let me move on from this hurtful time.

What do you think of this situation and what do you think I should do?
I need opinions from both genders at this point.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Whenever Anyone brings up This guy, the Blast from your past, simply Smile and change the Subject by Saying: "I've moved on, thank you..." And turn and walk away.
    After awhile, the rude and the crude little Pups will get your Helpful hint so you can finally One day-----Move on from this hurtful time.
    Excuse their ignorance... Some people just don't know enough to let sleeping dogs lie.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 3

  • in teen age, this is always the hot topic,"BREAKING news, this guy is with that girl" and so and so, they will talk about it and gossip.

    maybe the guy is talking the other side, possibly bragging about things that never happened, which makes them come to ask you to verify if it is true.

    many like to watch drama and hear love tales.

    you should tell them its nothing of a big deal, was just a guy like others who talked to you more than other guys.

  • You are responsible on your life, not them. They are trying to manipulate you (consciously or not so) while intruding you life this way.
    So respect them like they are while standing your ground and saying "I will not allow these questionings". There can't be " they can't let me move on"! Good luck!

  • Like here, you haven't told them what happened. What happened that made you lost the friendship/relationship

    • He dragged me down into his depression and I wanted to help him get out of it. Downfall starts there.

    • Then tell them that

What Girls Said 3

  • I feel you can just say that you dont want to talk about it and to respect that if they keep brining it up tell them one more time or to not talk to you at all if that all theor going to bring up. If they can't understand that you need time to just move on and let go and get past this then to me I wouldn't want them in my life that just me tho.
    It diff if you wanna bring it up to talk about other wise they need to respect you.

  • I think you need to tell them to get off your back about it, and that your personal life is none of their business or concern. they clearly dont have lives of their own if theyre so interested in yours. tell them that that was such a long time ago that it has no relevance anymore and that they need to find something new to talk about.

  • Basically...

    1: Get into it and tell them
    2: Get a new guy, that will shut them up about the past.
    3: Change the subject/ignore them

    It's up to you what works best for you..

    Generally for me.. I go with #2


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