Caught between two women? my wife and a young love?

I've been married 18 months to my wife who i proposed to after one month of dating, i was 23 then 24 at the time of the wedding. there's a girl from my past who i was never offically with but we had some sort of connection i thought she would have been my wife but she was only 18 at the time! I've been in touch with the girl since I've met my wife and im starting to realise i have made a mistake marrying my wife, dont get me wrong i love her but i got married to young and i think about this girl all the time. I've seen her over the years and she is such so different now and we get on amazing.,,,,,,, is this feeling of mistake normal in the first couple of years of marriage?


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  • that's super hot, have a three way lol, no but seriously you're married and shouldn't be thinking of other ladies


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