How do I peacefully end a friends with benefits relationship?

We're coworkers and our friendship developed into this back in January. We've never discussed what it is, but at that time I was open to just going with the flow whether something serious came or not. Now I've decided I really want more out of a relationship. What's the best way to put a stop to it and keep us on civil, friendly terms?
We hang out almost everyday so I know it's not going to be easy on either of us, but I do truly care for him and hope we can still be friends.
What could a women tell you to end a relationship such as this, leaving your feelings unhurt, ego unbruised? I need help with phrasing


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  • You say "I really want more out of a relationship. I like you, but if you can't give this to me, I think it's best we end the sexual part of our friendship"

    • This is a good way to do it. If he says to wanting something more then you can have a relationship with him, if not then your still friends.

    • Very well phrased 👍

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