My current situation. Advice please?

I have a quick question/situation. My ex and dated for 3 years. We broke up late last year and saw other people. We recently got back together, and told each other everything. Well the girl I used to talk to liked a photo of me on instagram (I don't follow her) but I don't go out of my way and block people. Well she went through my photo and saw that she liked it, so she then goes on her page and finds out she is bi-sexual. She called me on my phone and called me disgusting. I didn't even know she was bi. I just think she was trying to find a way to dump me.


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  • She doesn't need a reason to get out of this if she wanted to leave, she can just walk out.

    She's mad because you were with someone else. Even though you weren't together, she's upset


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  • What's the question here?

    • The question is do you think this was her way of getting out of the relationship. Such like a scapegoat?

    • it's definitely a possibblity

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