Exgirlfriend now acting ridiculous to the point of craziness. Help?

My ex and I broke up a little more than 5 months ago and were in an 8 month relationship. She broke up with me without reason, but was saying she loved me during the last month. She said I was her first relationship she valued. Anyway, we argued the first month after the breakup then stopped talking. She works with me, and we do have to talk at work. About 1 1/2 months ago I started texting her again and we had nice casual conversations. I did eventually ask if she was willing to try again. She said she still cared for me but no and wanted to be friends "that do things together." I initially said that was fine, but a couple days later I decided that wouldn't be a good option for me being I still liked her. I texted her saying I couldn't be friends like that. She got extremely upset and started being hateful to me for no reason at work. She has actually started lying to colleagues about me, including to our mutual friend. WTH? I'm essentially giving her what I thought she wanted: to not talk to her anymore. What's her deal? She is totally not the girl that I met and dated. She even said she loved me during the relationship, right before she dumped me which to me was weird. It just seems whatever I do she's got it out for me. Is this just pure hate or have I somehow hurt her feelings which was not my intension? FYI the reason I asked her to try again was that our mutual friend said she kept asking about me constantly.


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  • why don't you try confronting her and finding out how she still feels about you. maybe she was hoping that with you two being friends with benefits, your relationship would eventually build up into the solid relationship that you once had. you should tell her how you feel about her very immature actions and that you would like her to stop it. she is being unprofessional and you should let her know straight up that whatever happened between you two, stays between you two and that it has nothing to do with the office. she needs to know that this is not only making you look bad, but she is also putting herself at risk, because if any gossip gets to a manager/supervisor, she could get in serious trouble. talk to her about everything, not by text, but face to face. invite her out for coffee, or dinner or something. you two need to see each other face to face before you can see eye to eye, I know I am young but, I hope this helped a bit.
    Tokomo :)


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