Going to see my ex fiance Sunday aftie, how should I act?

last friday, he said he wants some time for himself. I cried out loud cause it's been a year that we're fiance and 3years that we're going out. Then sunday, he said that it's better for me to move on. He's the type of guy that keeps everything for him. Even if he hates something he doesn't want to say it. I gave him back the engagement ring, and he said : No keep it. I told him that i can't, it's too much. then i've told him that tell your cousin that i can't be there for his marriage, he said why? i told him don't you get it? you're the one who broke up with me. worst thing is via TEXT MESSAGE. I'm goint to see him Sunday for the dance presentation of his sisters (yes, i'm going because i've promised them that i'll come). I've ask him if he can bring me my things that i've left in his house this week, he said that he can't because he's busy during the day and also the night. the thing is, he's unemployed.. so yeah i don't know what to do this sunday, if i'm just going to ignore him.
thank you for your answers.. i'll attend the dance presentation. i'm going to follow your advice. Gonna be casual like i'm fine with it. I'll update you guys :) thanks a lot


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  • just be normal. dont be rude, dont be overly friendly. just act like a normal person. you were together, now your not. just be casual like your fine with it.


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  • Although you have 'split,' at least for now, and you have made this 'promise' to be at his sisters' dance presentation, be every bit the lady and don't give him the cold shoulder. It will draw attention, make things even more tense, and his sisters, maybe even his family, if they are Present, will pick up on your sour note as well. Talk and mingle with Him, the girls and if anyone suggests getting together for tea and crumpets after the trumpets, either graciously Bow out or go along with the flow. It's your choice, your call And----You are the one who gave them the promissory note to go.
    As far as your 'things' go, be the one to just go to his house. He may be making up excuses to Not bring these to you right now, may want to see how Things may go in the future. And while you're there, just talk. See where 'Things' are still at.
    On another note, wait a week or more to do this. Let everything cool down and mellow out some. Being 'by himself' for a few weeks, maybe he will have a different tune when you see him. He may just have needed some space, some alone time, and even if you both reunite, a compromise so very sweet and simple, can easily be worked out.
    Keeping the lines of open communication is one of the most important aspects in any relationship. And giving one another space, room to breath, is also another Big one if you want... the Love Story to continue for as long as you both work hard to make it so in your wedded blissful lives.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Honestly, don't go. The quicker you separate yourself from anything having to do with him, including his family, the quicker you'll feel better.

  • He can't bring them because he doesn't want you to move on and have no reason to speak to or see him again after that dance presentation. Maybe he got cold feet? Maybe he just wants you around without a label so he can do whatever he wants and still have his backup on the side. You should be polite and distant like acquaintances don't let him see you upset and begging for him back, he left you so he needs to come to you and ask to continue as his fiancee at the very least. Don't let him convince you into going back to gf and bf or you'll be stuck with him like that forever even when you have kids together because he doesn't want to fully commit


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