What does it mean when a boyfriend said 'I'm sorry but I don't have anything left to give. I'm sorry."

This question comes from a girl who doesn't natively speak your language thus I'm not exactly sure what Americans actually mean when they say something.

My (ex) boyfriend and I have been in a long distant (~ 10,000 miles away) relationship for 2 years and a half. We have met 5 times in total and about 2 weeks/visit. We had a plan to get marry so that we can be together (otherwise my mom won't let me move in with him). Then he lost his job and it definitely delays the wedding plan. He wanted to postpone a visit until later. I refused. I said I could take care of the expense of the trip. He said that would make him feel less of a man. We have been fighting about that for weeks coz I want to go but he doesn't want me to. I know I kept putting a pressure on him (but because I wanted to see him so bad). Until a few weeks ago, he stopped communicating with me. Whenever he did, all he said was he's confused and didn't know what he wanted. He said he felt like he's lost since he lost the job. He couldn't do anything. He didn't even know if he wants me coz he doesn't know how to make it work anymore. I told him I'm sorry for all the pressure and that I don't want to leave him and that I think we can work it out. He said he loves me but doesn't think we will resolve anything and me going to see him would be a waste of my money and time because he doesn't have anything left to give.

I know we love each other and I know I am the part of the problem.

Anyways, from what he said, he means he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, right?


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  • It means that he doesn't have any more emotional resources to give you. You have to understand that he's really taking this job loss heavily. Assuming there's nothing else going on in your relationship, I'm sure it can almost all be pinned on that. He feels you wanting to see him is nothing he can emotionally handle right now.

    • So What can I say to him? What should I say? Or I should say nothing but let him go?

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    • A break does mean he wants the relationship on hold at least. You have to decide how long you're willing to wait. Personally I would never be in a relationship with someone 10,000 miles away. There has to be local guys for you. I would give him his space. For me, if he hasn't contacted in a month, I'd consider it over.

    • Okay. That sounds about right. Thank you so much for your helpful answers.

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  • errr from what i just read... yeah

    • I'm sorry. I didn't mean to click 'red' button.

      I so think yes but it hard to admit it. :(

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