Does #socialmedia ever make your mind wander on relationship issues?

So my ex and I have been casually having text conversation every couple of days since our breakup in late May. It's been a slow process and she's said multiple times that she is still "healing" from our argument. She's still back in her home state of MI & won't be back here until the 2nd week in July.

This time last week she requested to follow me on instagram again. I accepted it and decided to follow her [We currently aren't Facebook Friends]. Later that evening we had a casual text conversation. But, she did try to fish for information on what I was doing and who i was with that evening.

Nevertheless, I've looked at her instagram every now and then. Nothing questionable has been posted on there. But, I have noticed that this certain guy has liked three or four of her photos recently. Anyways, this morning I decided to look at his FB page and noticed that many of our mutual friends are females that were in my ex's sorority. The one red flag is that my ex's sister is friends on Facebook with this fellow. Which I find just a bit bizarre.

A couple of weeks ago, my ex asked if I was seeing/talking to anyone and I clearly told her I wasn't. She also said that she wasn't seeing anyone and was focusing on herself. I believe about 75% of that. Because I know in some cases girls enjoy the attention of some guys after a breakup. Also, I know for sure that guys will catch up newly single girls just to test the waters.

Anyways, I'm not planning on bringing any of this information up to my ex because its on inconclusive information and would come off very desperate. I'm just curious at this point...
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  • I wouldn't pay this guy no mind. When people like someones picture, it doesn't necessary mean that they are attracted to you. This guy can like or comment on all the pictures she post. But at the end of the day, that all it is. And even if he is attracted to her, it has to be from both sides, she has to be attracted to him too. From the looks of things, he probably just a guy she knows since he is friends with her sister and sorority. This guy can give her his best game but from the looks of it, she still loves you or else she wouldn't give a flying fuck of who you with. Perhaps she is trying to focus on herself, I know I am like that after a breakup but like you said she still wants that attention from you. So I wouldn't worry about the guy at all.

    • Thank for your input on this issue. I actually have another question that could use a female perspective. On Sunday, we had a conversation and I ended it by asking "Would it be too much for us to have a phone conversation in the near future?". She replied "To be honest, I think so. I would rather talk in person."

      Is this a good or bad thing?

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    • we'll see what happens. Trying to stay hopeful. But who knows

    • A positive mind is always a good thing.

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  • She really likes you..
    It is obvious.
    What will you do about it?

    And to answer your question, yes it does.

    • Straightforward and to the point reply haha. Why do you believe it's obvious?

      Also, I've tried to keep conversation light & humorous when we do text. I also haven't been blowing her up every single day since she's back home. I do still care about her & want her in my life. But, I also don't want to be played as a fool in this situation. You know?

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    • I'm all ears if you want to explain your situation...

      Also, it's comforting to hear that. I'm trying to give her the space she needs during this whole process. I guess I just miss her and I don't want this whole deal to be for nothing. As well as I don't want some other guy sweeping in haha.

    • Sure but only over message.

      That's sweet.

  • But here is the catch you two shouldn't have relationship issues because you but hate not in a relationship

    Move on
    Find someone new

    • I'm confused by your statement in the first line.

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    • *you shouldn't have relationship issues

    • Agreed, we aren't together right now and the title is misleading. I still care about here and I'm under the mindset that she still cares about me.

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