Does becoming friends with your ex girlfriend have a chance to spark another chance at a relationship? Girls' comments needed?

I'm interested in trying to get back with my ex. We split up about 6 months ago. She told me we could be friends that talk every now and then or go out and do something together, but no romantics. We never fought in our relationship, but after the split I told her I wanted to get back with her and loved her. I did that for about a month. She said she loved me in the relationship, but didn't feel it was right to be together. When she asked me to be friends again, I initially said yes, but decided shortly after it wasn't a good idea for me cause I still had feelings for her and it would be fake to try to act like her friend. I told her this and she got very upset asking what my problem was and starting false rumors about me to my friends. I thought she would be happy that I didn't want to lead her on, but I guess not. So girls, in your opinion, what does that mean or what do you think is going on? Does she still have feelings toward me or is she just trying to distance herself further from me? Or is it something else I'm just not thinking about? Thanks
She never gave me a reason why she ended it with me even after I asked. She just told me then that she still cared for me.


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  • you should ask her why she broke up with you, see if it is something u r willing to work at and then talk to her about it. eg maybe she says you didn't spend enough time with her, could you spend more time with her this time? hope it works out for you


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  • It depends on why you broke up and if she resents you or if she's decided that she's completely done.


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