Odd response or drunken text? How would you respond to this?

Yesterday evening, I texted my ex "Hi, thinking about you..". Around 11pm I finally received a reply back saying "Oh really" followed by "Do you think I'm pretty"?

I also kind of get the vibe that she could be seeking attention and I haven't responded yet.


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  • It kinda sounds like sarcasm to me, but she's your ex and you should know her better.
    It's hard to tell by text if she's being serious or not. Maybe you should call her when you get the chance?

    • So apparently it was a "joke, because i said I was thinking about her."

      It hard to understand humor via text.

    • Yes, it is. Still, you should call her up and just be you. If she continues playing aloof and funny, then it's because she's not interested, but at least you'll know!

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  • If my ex texted me saying "Hi, thinking about you..."

    i would respond with "i'm wasn't", "good for you", or "i really do not care whatsoever"


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  • I would just ignore it.

    • Should i holdoff on speaking to her until she initiates conversation again?

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    • Alright, I sent her a text back. I'm definitely not trying to play games with her.

    • Good call. :D

  • I don't know. Maybe she's just flirty by nature


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