Shld I be bothered or accept? Someone please help!!

My ex broke up with me because he feels when guys compliment me I shld let them know I had a bf.. recently when I was at work (he works with me) he has asked me to check something as I did he came from behind and gave me a hug.. I didn't ask was just shocked.. he's told my good friend he wants to see I've changed but he's also said he wants me to stop pressuring him.. today we are both off and I offered him to hang out with me and he said "he doesn't want to promise me yes than can't" I said ok dnt promise me just try and he said "ok I'll try" shld I be offended by how none chalant he is about it or is this a good sign? If he disses me how shld I feel? What do you'll think is going on? Putting up a front? (he's been really stressed with work lately.. my boss has been putting alot. Stress on him)


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  • The only problem I see is that he's so insecure if you want to return with him maybe you should talk about why he's jealous when other guys flirt with you, explaining that you like him and no other guy that wants to get lucky

    Personally I had a girl that was so jealous when all the girls came to flirt with me I had a chat with her saying that I didn't want any of those girl in a sexual way only as friends and only friends. She then understood and we kept dating for a few months then we happily ended because I was moving.

    I used this phrase and work perfect "if I want any of those girls I would have them but I have you and thats just perfect" after that I kissed her and had sex it was absolutely beautiful.


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  • We'll ur bf is over protective. But talk to him about it if it bothers you.

    • He won't allow me to talk about it.. Everytime I wld want to talk about us if he wld say "I dnt want to talk about this right now"

    • Well I believe that communication is very important. The next time you say can I talk to you and he says no, say it's very important. If he still says no, threaten to break up with him. This is very extreme, but usually works. But if he still doesn't want to talk. Go ahead and break up with him to show him you mean business. It also seems that you aren't at the greatest point in your relationship, so if he agrees to talk to you, be gentle with him.

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