He doesn't think it's a big deal that we broke up?

We broke up about a week or two ago and we had both been drinking. He wouldn't talk about it sober the next day or even after that. I've tried talking to him about it, but he won't change his mind , and it really seems like it's no sweat off his back. Is it possible he maybe never really cared in the first place?


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  • if he isn't going to talk about it then you might not be able to get him to talk about it. If he wants to play the tough man game of "nah it doesn't bother me then fine.
    Its bothering you... and you don't deserve that at all.. especially if the guy has to be emotionless. Yea he probably cared, hell he really could have loved yah... but its just his way of trying to move on without bringing up shit that pissed him off


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