Why did she look at me that way? Does she feel shame or guilt?

I just graduated college, but my ex graduated a whole semester before I did. She broke up with me near the end of her last semester and moved to the city away from our small college town. But our graduation ceremony was celebrated together.

I don't know the whole truth as to why she made the decision she did. But she had plans to move to the city before she met and fell in love with me. Her decision to break-up just devastated me. She ended it close to her birthday, and she wouldn't even accept my birthday present I got her. She tried to break-up nicely, but the more I tried to talk her out of it, the more problems it caused. I released her inner bitch. In our last interaction where I tried to tell her she was like a best friend who meant the world to me, she tore her heart out of my chest and shat on it by saying, "I feel like I don't even know you!"

That whole semester, I still had left-over feelings for her. And never found another girl to take her place.

Graduation came around, I saw her once again at the ceremony. Dawned in cap and gown, we were sanding around waiting, and we saw each other for the first time in months. She stared at me as if she had something she wanted to say to me. Panicked, I turned the other way; I couldn't even look at her. I looked back and saw she was still standing there staring. She looked like she wanted me to confront her. I couldn't do it, just couldn't. I couldn't risk tearing open old wounds right before the ceremony.

I didn't speak to her.

Why did my ex stare me down like that? Did she actually have something to say to me? Was it a look of guilt or regret? How could I have handled this differently?


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  • When you break up with someone you are generally in the moment. You have this one plan that will solve all of your relationship problems and that plan is for you to break up. The only problem is after the break up you have time to think about the relationship and how much it ment to you.

    You tried to get her to stay and that gave her something to focus on about you, that you were needy and wanted her back. She would have seen this as annoying and thats why she said she didn't even know you. In that moment she was blocking out everything else about you and only looking at you wanting her back. You haven't seen her in awhile so she has had time to miss you and the relationship.

    Everyone is different, but chances are she was regretting breaking up with you. If you do talk to her (I don't advise that you do) all the feelings will overwhelm the both of you and things could get messy. Try to avoid it and her unless you really want to make it work.


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