Does it sound like my ex wants me back?

My ex of 6 mos dumped me a month ago very coldly, out of the blue. I didn't cry or beg, I just moved on and ignored him. The following things have since happened -
1) he emailed me with a stupid excuse and signed of with xoxo like he did when we were dating
2) he found another excuse to call me. Told me he was going to be around all summer and would pause a lot in the conversation, like he wanted to say something but couldn't.
3) when I said we should get together (to test him) he said"yes, lets have coffee, you know, hang out. It will be nice to see you"
4) I was going on vaca and he asked me to email him when I was there to let him know how things were going. He ended up emailing me first, asking me how I was and telling me what he's been up to.
Ok so does it sound like he's trying to inch his way back, trying to warm me up a bit? Fyi - I know a lot of you will say he wants to get laid, but in this case, it's not. Hard to explain but trust me...


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  • Thing is, he had his reasons for dumping you, so regardless of his regrets, those issues still play a large part of wether this could be a relationship. So you need to understand what went wrong in the first place and not assume that it's been dealt with, because by sweeping it under the carpet does not mean the problem is still not there, and this sounds like exactly what he is doing. So unless you are both willing to talk about exactly where it went wrong to start with, then you should ignore his advances, because an ex should remain an ex, otherwise they become a problem, x

    • I agree with you - the reasons why he dumped me was not because of compatibility issues - he is having major financial problems and is basically broke, he is having a hard time healing from his divorce (one year ago) and he lost his job. So as you can see, it's more bad timing than anything else. So, bottom line, is that I think there are real feelings there but they are being obscured by a lot of factors right now. He is in a bad place. So yes, those problems still exist and I'm sure he will do another disappearing act in the future.

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  • Yeah I would say that there are probably girls out there where he would have to put a lot less effort into to in order to get laid so this may in fact be that he regrets the decision to break up.


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