Two years 7 months and its done I need some help?

overall amazing relationship weve been together through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, only problem were the arguments which subsided until recently, we used to argue 24.7 as an immature coupled but we both grew together and as we grew we became closer and fell deeper inlove, and as we expected the arguments lessened but recently due to a lot of stress outside of the relationship we began to argue more aggressively and make it harder on ourselves the love never faded though because we both always showed affection she loved spending every minute of the day with me and wed cuddle and she would cry to me about how happy she was to be with me even up until recently she cried to me because she thought i was losing feelings and i let her understand that wasn't the case then two days after that argued and broke up, after the break up she was hanging out with friends and some guy came up to her and they began talking she let the guy know of the break up but the kid simply kept telling her stuff obviously and that made her happy i told her myself once i found out that i did not blame her for feeling happy speaking to this kid because i had heart her but i was sad that throughout these 2 years on many occasions when she had messed up i did not leave her and fought for us as she also did, i know she is hurt and confused, but it just hurts me a lot because not only were we lovers we were bestfriends as she told me she knew everything about me as i did about her. two days ago we hung out because i asked her to and we did at first she didn't want it because she wanted space but that day went amazing she cried and kept telling me to come and let her hug me and she kept telling me how much she loved me, after that whole great day she messaged me telling me she regretted it yet she told me it did feel right to be in my arms and to kiss me but she said what if its just because we just broke up and im sad obviously im stil inlove is what she said. i just need help
obviously she has not lost feelings, im going to giver he space and time i haven't messaged her for a day and i won't make any contact until she does, i guess what i want to know is that will she soon remember why she fell inlove and our memories?
because i know as of right now she isn't in a right state of mind, especially going through this and with a guy telling her to forget about me


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  • Well tell her how you feel. Tell her you guys want to try again but with better communication.

    Your relationship failed becuase of lack of communication.

  • Never give up hope! She obviously has strong feelings for you and you her! You're doing the right thing giving her space, but also don't let this space turn into distance because you don't want her to think you don't care. Just believe that she will remember your love and the memories and know that she will remember their importance. I hope your love comes back to you, and you find what held you together for so long. Stay optimistic :) girls often need time to know and understand what they're loosing, and say things in the heat of the moment, which upon reflection they regret later.


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