Do men ever think of their ex girlfriend?

Ok so if you have an ex gf who u really cared for, at one point she got pregnant by you but had an abortion, then you guys broke up after that,, will she cross your mind at times? Will the baby cross your mind? Or is something you'll never think of again,,,?


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  • See as I have figured out there are two types of people from previous relationships.
    For me there are my ex partners that we broke up mutually because the relationship played out it's course witch is great because all you have are great memories you can remember and these are ex girlfriends that I have regular contacts with and I'm always happy to see. On the other hand there are the types of relationships that ended badly. Now usually there are some that shouldn't have ended like that and these are regrets. I have one of those and I think of her every day. We broke up because she was afraid of having feelings for me because she had some problems and I'll probably think of her a lot because she hurt me the most and at the same time she gave me the most joy I've ever had. Witch is sad really because we could have had a really great future together.
    There are some others and yes I think of them too a lot.

    So the answer to your question is yes we do the same way you women thing of ex guys. Some more some less depending on how deep your feelings were towards them.

    • Awesome, I def can relate because thats what im going through now,, I wasn't with him long but 4 months but it was great and we were happy, but then shit happened :/ I really think he's back with his baby mom but idk, I just wonder how a man can say he's got feelings for u and then you dont hear from him, I ask what happened? And I wonder if he thinks of me and the child we would've had

    • See that's the exact same thing I'm asking myself. How could she have let me feel how much she loved me and told me that I was the most important person in her life and then just blew me off like yesterdays news. But I guess this are people that have problems themselves and it's not our fault. I'm thinking myself if she's thinking of me or what.

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  • Yes! A guy will definitely think about that. Matter of fact, any one would. He would probably just sit and wonder about it for hours.

    • But will he let her know that he's thinking about her and the baby, or keep it to himself,,, even if he's in a new relationship?

    • He would definitely keep it to himself. If they broke up because of her getting an abortion. You better bet he would of thought about that lost fetus. He would think; what if……

      That unborn child of his will always be on the back of his mind.

    • Ok thanks, its hard to think about it and wonder if he even thinks about it,

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  • No she will always cross our minds, but that will be it, x

    • Hmm I guess, but when she was supposed to have your child im sure you must think what if...

  • i do but then I say to myself yeah she probably forgot me so why should i continue thinking about her

    • We think the same too

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