5 minutes from being dumped, again. (LDR)

I had been holding my tongue for over a year. Don't ask why. What may be easier for you, may not for me. Anyways, out of nowhere distance became an issue. Distance is only temporary, I'm not a kid. It would eventually result to someone having to relocate and I was down with that. To me, if you're leaving someone because of distance that's basically the same as telling them, "sorry, you aren't worth it." Months back I got dumped because he cheated and me being dumb I gave a second chance. *shoots self* Now here we are at the end of June and I let him have a piece of my mind. I told him he should just break up with me AGAIN so he can finally be free of my far away ass among other things. I'm waiting for a response since he want's to be a kid and type this shit out. Here's the thing, I don't feel bad about what I said to him. I was never appreciated and you have to be a complete jackass to let someone go who loves you and cares about you and supports you. I wish I would have had the balls before to do this. I feel like a huge weight is being lifted off of my shoulder, slowly but surely. Is it normal for me to feel like that?
Am I in the wrong for reacting in such a way?


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  • I don't know why you are waiting for him to break up with you. You break up with him and go for some one who is closer.


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  • only way a long long distance relation ship will work is if its open. allow each other to fulfill their bodily sexual needs with others.
    if u can't agree to it, better end it

  • no your not


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