Ladies, why is STILL bothering me?

I started talking to a guy by phone who met me at work - he started pursuing me and it was kinda nice, like chatting, texting, calls. He got really flirty really fast and we were very attracted to each other.

BUT, he started asking over and over for naked pics which I refused cause I was not comfortable doing that.

Long story short, some texting resulted in an argument and me dumping him, so that was in the heat of the moment... I explained nicely a few things the next day, we both said sorry...

In other texts I initiated, he always responded, but did not initiate, dd not call me... so I just let it go.

It's 10 days ago... well I figured if he never came back, oh well, at least I know where I stand.

But yesterday I was still hurt and crying in the morning. I just feel like an asshole, like why do I care when clearly he didn't see me as something more than someone he wanted naked pics from and if not he could just forget me.

What I mean is, I know it shouldn't bother me but it does.


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  • When us girls meet a guy we are attracted too, we get the butterflies. Especially when he compliments us. Than we go out on a few dates and he portrayed himself to be the man that we looking for, in which drawn us even more to him. Than we start a pattern where we text each other on a regular basics, or he will call around a certain time. And after a while we get use to this pattern. But once the guy reveals his true colors we're still drawn to him because we became accustomed to the person we thought he was. In which explains why we constantly keep thinking about him. But you have to know your worth, and this guy is not the one for you. Cuz if he is a respectful man he would respect your wishes. And even tho he respond to your texts, he needs to text you. Hate when people do that. All I can say is thank God, that he spare you disappointment with this man.

    • Yes it's like we all get emotions and feelings clouding our judgement, lol. I am glad this all happened so fast so more didn't happen between us which only means I would have been even more disappointed. And yes, he's NOT respectful! This is how the disagreement started in the first place. He said ''sorry'' but sorry is in your ACTIONS not just in words. I showed that in my actions, he did not, so I let it go. But I'm with you, I won't stick with a man who isn't texting me or pursuing me, even if it hurts I will move on.

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    • Well said! And look at it this way, if someone can treat us like crap early on, there's nothing to look forward to but even uglier treatment later.

    • Exxxxactly!

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  • He sounds like a douche! You are better of without him, go out and find someone who will respect you xxx

    • I know, he sure acted like one. That's why I feel like he's a moron and it shouldn't bother me, but it did, a lot.

    • Aw sweetie we have all been there! Do not feel bad! You cannot change the past so do not dwell on it! You are strong and too good for him! xxxx

  • You felt like there was more to him, but he turned into a creep.

  • Because you develop feelings. The same thing happened to me. Just give it time.


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