What do I do if I want my ex back but he is still mad at me for the hole break up thing but says he still loves me while talkin to other girls?

We broke up cause the hole trust issues and me feelings so unhappy and he just gave up so easily and didn't try to work things oUT or anything


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  • He sounds bitter so you have to let him get over the bitterness of the break up first.

    • We have hung out and everything after the break up and then he just stopped talking to me

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    • I'm not to sure what to say though.

    • You can say: I know you may be upset inside about what happen between us when we broke up and I am sorry for that. Can we work on getting back together with involving anyone else instead of moving on and going our separate ways with other people? I think we were good together before this happen and I want to get back to the way it was if we can.

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  • "while talkin to other girls?"

    Yeah he doesn't want you back..


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  • Move on!!!


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