Would a man stay with his gf cuz he feels bad?

I have this friend who had a pretty tough life and also some pretty bad relationships. She has been with her bf about 5-6 months and she's so attached to him. He's literally her world. she's going on vacation and so is he and she keeps crying about that, and he says everything is going to be okay and that he loves her. DO you think he says that cuz he feels bad or cuz he really means it?


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  • I have no idea if he really means it or not, and I don't think we have enough information to even guess if he does or not. But a man would stay with a girlfriend if he cared about her and felt really bad about breaking up with her.

    • what do you mean? even if he didn't love her he'd stay with her?

    • Well you can still care about someone and not love her, and in that case he might stay with her. However if he doesn't care about her at all anymore he's not going to stay with her because he just doesn't care anymore.

    • yeah, i get it now:P Thanks.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you truly love someone, you tell them the truth.. good, bad, or ugly.

    • or else you do not love them.

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