What would you think if your girlfriend says she 'wants to talk'?

Our relationship is seemingly good, like we get along, he's sweet to me, takes me out, etc.. It feels like something is off though; we no longer have regular outings, anything sexual is scheduled at least a week in advance (we're 21 and 22), etc.. He's just developed some habits since we got together like he's vegetarian which I think has lowered his libido, he's a bit of a germophobe (after we work out he will kiss me goodbye on my forehead versus lips)...

I really like him though, which is making it difficult. I have brought up the libido issue and the not hanging out issues already, and he either laughs it off or will say he's working on it. There aren't many changes and I'm just miserable more and more often.

Why should I be in a relationship & sad, when I can enjoy the summer being single..

I asked him if he's free on Friday because I want to talk to him about it seriously, and he said he might be asking what I was thinking to do. What would you think if I said I 'think we should talk'?


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  • We need to talk. Universal for I'm probably going to dump you.

    • so you couldn't think it's just to find out where both of us stand? i just want to know how he feels about the relationship considering all of these changes, which has left me feeling pretty uncertain of it all.

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    • "Im need your input on a few things". It is vague as to what is being talked about, but doesn't carry any of the negative stigma that the other phrasings do.

    • haha okay thanks, i'll give that one a try and hope for the best. :)

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  • I'd think she wants to talk about something pretty serious. If you're not happy in your relationship, tell him, and nothing still changes then that's usually the signal that you two aren't right for each other.

    And scheduling sex a week in advance? I can't even imagine what that's like, lol.

  • "we need to talk"

    "I want to talk to you"

    is code. And if you understand that code, you will do one thing.


  • I would be expecting a talk about the relationship and how you aren't happy with it! I wish you good luck!

  • lmao... a friend of mine's girl said that.. usually means your doomed... an ultimatum is in place, or you did something and she needs to talk to you.

    whats the habits... other than him being a vegetarian and germaphobe? he was like that when you met him... what are the other habit.

    if you like him... and your sad... your going to break up and be sad because you'll still like him and your summer will be filled with "wonder if he's ok... or what he's doing etc." "maybe i made a mistake etc"

    i mean phrase usually means uh oh. To him its that... but he probably doesn't want to start anything over the phone... yah know keep it casual and cool

    • haha yea no ultimatums, i just want him to tell me what's up. he wasn't vegetarian when i got together with him. He might've been a germophobe, but not to the degree that I feel like he doesn't want to kiss me on the lips post-work out and resorts to a kiss on the forehead/cheeks...

      i don't want to break-up with him but it feels like every other weekend i'm miserable because he makes me feel like he's not all that into it so... i just don't know if it's worth it yknow?

    • he if he's making you feel that way then thats on him. And you didn't go out with him when he was like this... he made a change... with somethings more soo.
      But at least you should talk and be open about like whats going on.. no need to be aggressive but certainly honest at least with the guy. But you shouldn't have to feel as you do because you have stayed the same for him and your not doing anything wrong.
      His failure to notice is also at fault

  • That's universal for "we're breaking up"

    I don't blame you, I mean who schedules sex?


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  • 21 & 22 is a very short age gap
    It seems like you two are not compatible

    • we were super compatible just a few months ago though.. you think it could change for the good so quickly?

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