Is it possible to stay best friends with longterm bf/gf after break up?

My ex & I care deeply about each other. We agreed to stay best friends, friends for life no matter what- or who is in ours. We also agreed to keep the line of communication open, to talk & hangout (but not as much as when we were official). The day of the initial break up he had picked me up after work to come get some of my belongings and say bye to our cat. At first he asked me not to touch him when we were in his car- sort of acting all macho. I had to bite the insides of my cheek, trying not to cry as I knew what was coming. When we arrived at his house, we entered his room and we just sort of looked at each other and we both had tears that had just begun to fall. We hugged and talked, still kissing ever so often. We were really sad this had to happen. He even said he wishes I were his- but I was right, that he needs time for himself because he's hurting me too much and it's a struggle for him to remain exclusive because of his own selfishness.

I ended up spending the night, he made me dinner and we watched a movie together. The next morning we woke up pretty early as he had work and he dropped me off with my best friend.

I was really sad yesterday ( Saturday ) but tried to have fun, even hanging out with one of my flings. It was really empty and I felt disgusted of myself. This guy friend ended up taking me home and I let him spend the night as it was pretty early in the morning. My now ex was texting me this morning back and forth and asked to see me and I agreed, sneakily getting my friend out of my house ( and he has no clue I went to see my ex, though he knows well of him ).

My ex was pretty hungover, falling asleep and I felt terrible for him, trying to comfort him. I tried talking with him, but he was pretty lifeless, not really responding, or using short answers, not really engaging, but yet wanted my company.

I'm so confused right now.


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  • Its very difficult at least for me. If I had feelings for the girl, it would be very tough for me to watch her go through life without me. It would be especially tough seeing her with other guys. I think its the best for both most of the time to go their separate ways. That doesn't mean you can't keep in touch and maybe talk on the phone every once in a great while but not hanging out and talking often.


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  • It differs person to person. But in general its really tough to stay best friends after a long relationship. You act like bf/gf.. treat like same and expect the same.

  • Yes it is possible anything is possible if you put your mind to it


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