What do you make of his parents still requesting time with you when he clearly shows no interest in the past relationship?

So, I was with a guy I really liked, and I loved his family! He was extremely sweet, but personal things came up in his life, and he decided to call it off. He said he still wanted to be friends and maybe try again when his life was in better condition to accommodate a girlfriend. I was upset, but I tried not to let him see.

Originally, he claimed that we could still hang out, but every time I invited him to go and do something he made excuses that said he was too busy. His mom and dad were still openly interested in keeping in contact with me, but it's clear that he does not share the same sentiment. The change in his attitude is perfectly fine since we're no longer together and I've moved on; however, I recently received a text from his dad saying that they missed me, and he invited me to games and dinner one night.

Now my question is "Why?" Why do his parents after at least six months of being apart still try to get in touch with me? I know we go to the same church and I haven't been lately, but that doesn't quite explain them trying to keep in contact. Do you think it's because they liked me for their son or they just want me back in church? And isn't against basic rules of ex's that you aren't suppose to invite the ex-girlfriend into the home when the relationship is over?


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  • I think they probably believe you to be good for their son and want you to remain a presence in his life (by way of a relationship with his parents) in the hopes that he get his head together and realizes you are good for him

    but I agree that you it is awkward and puts you in a weird spot. like the answerer said I would just politely decline. if they ask for explanation I'd just be honest and it being awkward and needing to create space between you and your ex

    • I suppose I will have to come up with a good response if they do ask, because it does make both him and I feel awkward. Hopefully they will understand!

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  • I must admit i think it is a bit weird that your ex boyfriends father is texting you saying that his family miss you. I think you should politely decline and move on with your life xxx

    • Yeah. . . that was kind of my conclusion. I was close to his family so it's not that unusual, but I have declined so far. I will keep doing! Thanks for the reassurance!

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