We broke up and he's acting like it never happened?

I told this guy I've been seeing for 6 months that I don't want to see him anymore because he recently told me he's not looking for a serious relationship. Plus I have a feeling he's seeing other girls. I do really like him but feel the situation is a waste because I want a relationship and he doesn't. Yet he's texting me like normal and talking about seeing me again. I don't want to ignore him but why is he doing this? Why doesn't he just focus on his other girls?


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  • He wants both pieces of the pie he will lead both of you on tell he finds someone new I know it may seem like a lie but it will stop him just tell him that when he said he didn't want a serious relationship you moved on and you found someone new and you don't want to lose the chance of happiness and love you deserve it.

    • Makes sense. I just feel like dude you got dumped. Move along. I just don't get why dudes go through all this!!!

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  • he's keeping u around as a fawk buddy thats all if u dont mind =}

    • Yeah I told him I do mind so why keep talking to me?

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    • He juz wanna be free of relationship and get wif as many gurls as he want. U can view it as a playa signs.

  • you want him to throw a tantrum ? too bad the guy seems not to be tied down and you want exclusive thing, better of being with someone you can have a serious relationship and plus faithful

    • No but usually when you get dumped you don't keep texting the person and asking to see them. Like he barely acknowledged what I was saying when I was telling him I don't want to see him anymore.

    • he thought you aren't serious and forget about the whole break up thing

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