Was on the rebound this weekend and meet lots of really neat girls but still miss my ex?

I feel so torn it was great to be at bar and meet beautiful young singles this weekend but I really feel torn and miss my ex. but she seems to have moved on already so little chance of us being together but I still miss her. even though I might be able to find someone else similar its tough to except that things with her are over. I honestly though I'd marry that girl and that we'd be together for it to not happen made me really sad

so is this normal to be on the rebound and wanting lots of different girls mostly just for sex or short term dating but at same time having deep feelings for ex and still being in love with her


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  • Yes, that's normal because you're still going through a phase of healing. She seems to have moved on because that's what she wants you to think, and also because she would want you to miss her.
    That's what girls do all the time. I wanted to get my ex back and in order for me to do that I had to stop contacting him in every way possible so he would miss me and think of all the good times we had that he's not experiencing with other girls until one day he initiated to contact me and asked me out on a date again, telling me how much he missed me and then just yesterday he asked me out to be his girlfriend again. Sometimes you just need that space to see if that person really is for you. So I personally believe in the saying, "If you love someone, set it free becomes if it comes back then it's meant to be"

    • I don't think she has any interest in getting back together though , maybe she did a few months ago but things didn't seem to materialise. I feel I need to date another girl if I want to find a gf anytime soon as this one going nowhere and its not fair for me to not get to experience having one if she doesn't even want to date me but I still of course want to date her but realise things in her view maybe weren't what I saw in our relationship or the long term potential I though she had

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  • yes, this (sadly) normal :( however, everything happens for a reason! maybe you weren't meant to be with her. And hey, if you are, then love'll find a way. for now, don't commit to a relationship unless you really find someone special. stay social and active, keep doing things that you enjoy!
    I hope everything works out!


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