Should I kick him out or what should I do?

I dated this guy years ago when we were teenagers. We started talking again and it seemed like we picked up where we left off. I found out he has nowhere to go at all I'm the only one that knows he's broke. So I took him in... We stay up all night and just talk and catch up. He listens to me and I feel like a teen again and honestly I've never been so excited to get home. He does make an effort to make a living and does classes online so he isn't mooching. Definitely not if he wants to pay all the time even if he is saving up. He said he reached out to me because he knew he could trust me and he would of felt safer. Which is a problem since I'm dating someone else. It's been four months and no I did not tell him who is staying at my house. My ex knows about him. I'm confused on what I want. I don't know if I should kick my ex out but that would seem rude. Or leave this new guy for something so old to see if it would work because we are much older now.


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  • How about leaving it to logic and reason. Make the list with all the pros and cons about each guy, everything, use as less emotions as possible, in fact get your most logical cold friend to help you out with this.
    Then make your mind clear and decide what you want in the near future and in the long run.
    Make all of this on your own, do not involve those guys in this, take a weekend for your self to work that out.
    When you've done it, start a trial period, say between 2 and 4 months. You can do whatever with the guys but remember your lists and plans and at the end of the period you will know how you get along with each one, and take your decision.
    Its going to be hard but that's what I would do.


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  • Nobody can make the decision for you and whatever option you choose, you will (probably finally) exclude all the other possibilities in this case. Where are you and where are these two in 20 years? Is there a chance that the broke guy can make it to get a decent job and income? If so, then it seems you me you're closer to him and given the chance it financially works out, I'd see him as the better option. But on the other hand I know nothing about any of the two and four months is not really long to get to know somebody, so I'd say that this decision has to be made really carefully.

  • Why not keep both?


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