Do I have a chance to get her back?

She was very sweet that evening and then, suddenly, she broke up. I went into tears and was angry. She said that she does not feel for me "in the correct way". I reminded her of our trip to get to know her family and she said her feelings were different then. The day after, in tears, I wrote her a short note apologizing for being rude (only that, no much feelings included). She answered that she understands, cares for me and hopes we can stay friends but is up to me to decide if and when. I answered back that I would love to meet but I was having a hard time. She answered back that she was also having a hard time but I should anyway suggest a day to meetup. I did so, suggesting that the next week we could have a beer. She answered she will be back with the details on the time that suits her best. Waiting by the time of writing this note.
When we were getting to know each other before starting the relationship, she used to finish her messages as "hugs, k"... now is a formal "best, k".
The thing is that I have taking this week to do deep reflections on 1) How she is feeling and the factors triggering her decision 2) all things in which I should have listen to her and I did not 3) how I was dealing with the relationship, 4) how this situation would help me to improve as a human being and 5) do I want to move on or try to get her back. Number 5 is a "yes, I want her back"... About 1 to 4, I just wish I saw and understood few things ( I am still in the reflexion process) before and not now when is late... inside me I wish is not too late for her to start again afresh. Girls, what do you think?


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  • Talk to her and ask her why her feelings aren't the same. If she doesn't want to talk about it, ask yourself what you can improve.

    But do not push it. Do not offer resistance to this process - try to mend things and get together, but do not force her back into the relationship.

    It is of course difficult to be in a break up. I was in a break up myself recently where we had a sweet conversation and she SUDDENLY decided to ignore my latest sweet text after spending a good 20 minutes of sweetexting...

    It looks like you may be lacking some certain qualities she wants, so figure out what they are and improve them - or if they are not BAD qualities then look for another partner, she is not for you.

    In my case, I realized I was too available for her, but seeing as being a nice man is a part of me, I will not change for her - rather, I will attract a woman more suitable for me with the same level of passion as me.

    Let me know what you think so I can provide more accurate details tailored to your scenario.

  • In my opinion you always have have a chance to get a girl back. Are you willing to work for it is where most people falter.


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