LDR breakup- he still hasn't contacted me?

I dated my ex for 3 months before going long distance for 6 months (2 hr time diff). We thought there was something special by the way us and things got serious pretty quickly.

I left for my OE which I planned before meeting him. For the first 2 months I was travelling with a tour group. We started arguing and due to 9 hr diff and limited chatting/msging time our fights dragged out for wks before dying down. He doesn't like to talk about problems and wants to act like everything is ok so we can be happy. I couldn't stand that and sitting silent on a problem during my travels made me unhappy. During our last fight I asked him to call me to sort things out since we were both free and wifi was good (rare occasion). He reluctantly called me in the end and when I told him why I was upset he acted disinterested and asked if that was all I had to say coz he wanted to go study. I was beyond upset that he didn't care about my feelings (he's never been like this before). I said I've been unhappy durig my travels andthat I think we should end it. He said if that's what you want and I said yeah and hung up. I blocked him on fb immediately coz I didn't want to be tempted to talk to him and end up more upset. During my travels I have suggested breaking up a few times but never had the courage to do it until then. I think our issues were solvable if we had time to talk which is not possible while I'm away.

I emailed him 5 days later apologizing for the abrupt breakup, explained why I blocked him and said that I'd be happy to be friends and if he wants we can talk about things when I get back home. I also unblocked him. He hasn't replied in 2 wks and im going home in 3 wks time. I don't know whether this means he is unlikely to contact me after I get home or if it means he doesn't care about me at all. I don't want to have the hope that he will contact me when I get home if he isn't going to.


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  • Okay. What is an OE?
    I can only give you advice if I know what that means.

    • Sorry it means overseas experience

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    • No problem! Thanks for MH! :)

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