Somebody please help me understand this?

My. ex and I have been broken up for a couple of weeks and since I know he's been talking to some girl.. he seems to show his feelings for me still but he tells me.. I have shown amazing effort and wished I. cldve done it sooner but the new girl he's talking to hasn't done anything to hurt him yet (only known her for 3 weeks) and it's not fair to drop her just like that because I now have a change of heart. I told him he shld tell her about me and at first he said no.. yest we had a long convo and he texted me "what can I do to tell her without being unfair but making you happy?) What did he mean by that? Shld I be understanding that it's true.. I've had my chance and she deserves her or be mad at him because im offering him everything... I told him I guarantee out of me and her she's not fighting for you as much as I am.. but observe her see if she's putting more effort than me.. it's not about whats fair it's about whose doing what's right... shld I be understanding or deserve to be still upset? He still wants to be friends he said maybe one day him and I can be together again but right now he wants to be friends... today he texted me and has been txting me a but more.. but this week im planning on making him miss me and not be the first to text him or ask to hang out... someone please help any advice is welcomed
Any advice wld be appreciated


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  • This is ridiculous.
    Let him be with the girl. I don't understand, don't you want him to be happy? You could end up ruining his life.
    Look he already told you he wants to be friends. He wants to concentrate on this new girl. Let him.
    If it doesn't last, you can do your weird jealousy shit. Or actually find a new guy.

    But for god's sake, if you really cared about him, you would let him be happy, instead of playing stupid games.

    • True... but it'sdifferent because even after we've been. broken up he still ends up with me.. when we hang out at the end of the day he ends up hugging me and kissing me that's what makes me want to fight for it and remind him that I made a mistake and wld do anything to win him back.. if he didn't show no emotion I wldve left him.. but his actions say something different

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    • Oh nevermind then.

    • Thanks for MH! :)

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