Should I tell my bestfriend/ex girlfriend that is flirting and talking to me that I miss her and want her back?

So im in love with my bestfriend. I fell for her since I was 16 (was taken at the time) I known her since I was 5, and I am currently 22. We had only started dating for the first 4 months until out of nowhere she ask to go on a break, she said she is confused and didn't know what she wanted and it was a pretty bad day. After are breakup she came to a couple of my family events and out to the bars with me and friends the same week still and then we just slowly stop talking little by little and seeing eachother. During this time I realized she wasn't acting herself its hard to explain it was like her but not her and I have known her her whole life and couldn't figure out why she was acting this way even her parents thought she was reacting strange. We have only been broken up for the past month and until just recently the past week we have been picking up are old habits of talking to eachother more again and she has been flirting with me a lot and seeing eachother every other day now. This past month has been busy for the both of us as well I just got my first house recently so I don't know if me getting a house during our short time relationship may have scared her mabey, I don't know for sure. And she has a stressful job and a (1 year) son (not mine) that has been stressing her out lately with no help because the baby daddy is a horrible person that loves to call her ugly and make her feel awful which im wondering if he may have used me to make her feel like a bad person for not being the real dad. In all honesty I love her and her son like they were my family and I know she knows it too. Are relationship moved really fast during the time we dated, but I know she still has feelings for me. She is the only one I have ever had strong feelings for out of all girls I dated and lately since she has been flirting with me I don't know if I should tell her I miss her or ask to date again, I'd like to give it a second try but how do I know if she's ready? Please advice?


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  • Tell her that you've had a lot of time to think during your break and that you still really care about her and was wondering if she wanted to give it another shot.



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