My ex and I still have connections but I want ties cut?

My ex and I of two years broke up and we still have things together bank account car insurance an cell phone Lines, iv asked to be taken off plenty of times but she won't, she says she feels bad when she broke up with me, so she keeps these things connected but I feel like she's just holding on for some reason but it's hurting. me every time I talk to her cuz I want to get back with her I don't know why she keeps these things active , and we live in different states. We'v been broken up for almost 2 months I have a great paying job which I can afford things on my own. I'm just confused cuz she made it. clear she will never be with me again.


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  • Breaking up means separating. Separate all ties and stop with the nonsense of keeping accts/insurance together. She is holding on and won't let go. Make her.

    • I agree expecially if I got left!!! I'm just hurting morw

    • Sorry for the pain but it will be better to sever all ties asap. Best of luck to you

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  • It sucks to have someone break up with you, very painful. Two years is a decent amount of time and even if she is 100% done, she can't turn off her feelings like a light switch. Of course she cares for you and you guys shared two years of your life with each other, so I am sure she is very sad and is remembering all the good times you had. It's not fair to you though, so you need to talk to her and tell her you want a clean break, that it is too painful. She needs to respect that and let you begin the healing process. You need to have no contact with her for long while.

    • I have told her, an all she can say is grow up, I guess... I don't get new things on my own cuz I still have some hope this person might come back, we still talk from time to time. we don't ask about our lives apart. We have not done the no contact only cuz I still have things at our old place, and our stuff together. iv asked to get back and she said she will drive it to me which is ok but I have to see her. iv made it clear I want no ties one minute were hot the next minute we act like nothing has happened when we talk. I just want to get her back but she's goin through college an wants to be single and live her life, but still wants these connects with me. I'm confused

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