What does he mean by "if she did something to me id be with you"?

My. ex bf broke up with me and is even seeing somebody else.. altho it's not official he's been dating her.. since our breakup we've spent time with each other and he says things like "why cldnt u be like this when we were together"( is he thinking of us) I wld ask r u going to miss me he wld say yes.. days later I'll tell him "goodbye.. he wld say stop im still here.. your not going anywhere nor I" but he says that girl. deserves a chance but why tell me "the moment she does something wrong im not going to waste my time ima drop her" if you are single.. than id love to work things out without a doubt but im not going to tell you to be waiting for me either... uggh what's going on?


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  • I think there might be something your relationship that was missing and he found it in the other girl. The only problem is that he's not over you and I think his heart really belongs to you not her. If anything I'm sure he at least still has feelings for you.

    • I can feel it.. in my heart when he looks at me and the way he acts my heart can feel his true emotions n ur right supposedly this girl likes him drinking, smoking, partying.. me I didn't like him doing that, she has even stayed the night which she's only known him less than a mth she seems like a tramp already... that's what sucks n it makes ne want to fight harder at the same time I feel cheap like he's back n forth with 2 girls.. yest tho after a long convo I told him tell her about me he said no!!. I said y r u afraid she's going to walk away.. because look despite the situation look whose still here like an idiot.. later that night he texted "how can I tell her (without being unfair) to make u happy?" I told him make her work for it.. I guarantee you she wnt be trying as hard as I am.. i even told him about a beach picnic surprise I was planning for him n he said "that's a perfect picnic maybe one day we can still have it you never know what the future holds"

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    • Ugghhh your right I guess it a just in my mind he's not with her yet and still spends time with his ex so obviously it must mean something

    • Thank you for MH

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