What did she mean? She did show interest in me and did flirt with me?

This girl is my ex girlfriend and this month she's been showing signs of interest back into me. We talk every day and night like we used to, laughs at my jokes, she gives me that look she first gave me when I knew she was falling in love with me, brushes against my hand or thigh, make an effort in looks when I know she prefers yoga pants and a T-shirt rather than dresses, and she even talks to my family. We made plans for the fourth of July since she would be alone. My parents invited her to the cookout. So a few hours ago we went out to dinner and everything was great. When i took her home I told her how I felt about her, how I regretted leaving her and waiting this long to talk to her. I just told her if she would be mine again I swear I wouldn't screw up again. She just looked at me and when I told her to sleep on it and when I leaned to kiss her cheek she stopped me. She said "I grew up... It's going to be hard..." Then she left inside and I don't know what to think. If she wants to get back or not. I can't sleep):


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  • She's telling you that you need to get over her, and implied that you should do the same. I don't really know what change in you she's looking or waiting for, but maybe once she's sees what she wants you guys can move forward. :)


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