I just wanna know what are some tips or ways to get my ex back what I mean is what will make him realize he was wrong? Space? And break from him?

Like I said I was his ride or die alway by his side and he's a local rapper so I know how the females are but now someone has his attention but she doesn't live in our city I feel like it's a rebound but ofcourse they not dating but when he told me we not on the same page now I see because I was giving him a lot of love and I cared a lot in our BOND and what we had and he was into his fans and him doing music and the local fame I was so good to him and he was good to me and I feel like he wants space he wanna be free he's not ready to be tied down but me knowing all his secrets me loving him the most and always having his back I know he'll come back I know he'll miss me but I want him to regret it to be a MAN when the times comes win me back because now a days you can't trust people and it's hard to find love and at this point I feel like he just living free but I want him to miss me I know it was a mistake to let me go... Should I give this a break? Space? I am now but I really wanna have another chance with BOTH of us on the same page...


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  • To be 100% honest just let him go, i'm sorry but you sound really desperate and more like you want him back just because he was a locally big rap artist. If you really do want him back i recommend just by subliminally telling him things that he's missing out on by not dating you. You seem black (no offense, I am to) and growing up around black people for awhile i noticed that this will probably not work out if he get's big he'll have sexual relations with so many different woman while on tours that he'll probably just forget about you until he needs something and please don't fall for that bullshit just to have him back.

    • He doesn't your and I don't want him I didn't want him cuz he famous all I'm saying is will he regret this I was there when he had nothing

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  • You can't make a ex come back... they have to decide to come back and that is a personal choice that you cannot influence. If it was possible then we'd all be making our ex's come back to us. Only way is to give him space. If he truly wants you and loves you, he'll come back. Till then you have to try to move on and take things for what they are. Right now it's over and you're broken up. No use in living in the past and thinking you can magically make him want you when he might not. He sounds like he's into a playboy lifestyle with his rap music and fans and freedom... he doesn't want love right now you said it yourself. You can't have a chance with "both of us" if the other person isn't willing to do their part. They left for a reason and you can't change that no matter how hard or tough it is.

    • Right all I wanted to know was by me giving him space was I doing the right thing I'm not trying to force him to come back it's like a guy doing a good girl wrong but chasing after hoes and groupies then realizing he's done the good girl wrong that's what I'm saying I'm not the only one in the world who wants their ex back

    • Yes you're doing the right thing. But you need to realize that a guy who is going to put you aside and make you wait while he fucks other girls and has his fun can't exactly have respect for you so please don't wait for him. I think you can do much better. He has done you wrong yes so move on and find a better guy.

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  • What does your heart tell you?

    • My heart tells me to leave it alone let it go which I am now but my heart also goes me faith that one day he'll realize what he's done and come back he always come back but really just letting it go

    • Sometimes if you let go of something it will come back if it yours.

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