Is it wrong that I want me ex back?

I know some people may say move on some May say give it space but no one can help how they feel or who they want. Of course I've let go I'm doing fine but I do still feel there's a chance with us and right now I am moving on with life I'm not sitting round upset hurt nothing I'm okay my ex got someone's attention but they don't live in out city and that sounds like a rebound fling but I am doing the no contact and stopped obsessing over him I know people make mistakes but things can change and I just wanna know is it okay to still wanna be with them? Hoping there's still a chance?


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  • Yes. Some people say move on... and sometimes you realize you have to. Often times I think people worry too much about what others may think or that society thinks it's uncommon to go back with someone. If it's right and you know what the problems were and are willing to work it out and better it go for it. Falling in love is chance... staying in love is a choice. It takes work.

    • Thank you! But what about if my ex likes and giving his attention to a female that don't live in our city? After he walked away or whatever you wanna call it he started to give his attention to a female and feel like it's a rebound thing like me and my ex was together but we had a bond I was his rider his main and nothing was wrong with us he just acted funny then said we not on the same page but we was fine smh now he's into someone from another city saying they are soul mates and she mean tw world when where did she come from? Smh

    • Focus on you. Let him
      Do his thing. If it's meant it'll come back around

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  • Don't go back to your ex, because you could get hurt I know I did and hit my head hard but I've healed. I would say move on with your life. Go out and travel and explore the world, meet new people, hang out with your friends go to the movies. Do things that excite you and take your mind off him. I was like that before, alone and I wanted my ex back I'm not sure why I did after he treated me like a dog. But trust me after a few more months you'll forget him and someone else will walk into your life and show you why it didn't work out with anyone else. Don't keep running back to someone that you need to walk away from. If its meant to be, it will be. Don't rush to fall back in love so quickly it takes time. Forget him, be you do you. Don't worry about him just focus on yourself and everything else will fall into place.


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  • I think it depends on why you broke up. And yeah exs suck I don;t know how people can have 5 more more exes that would just be brutal to me.

    • We broke up but we still acted like a couple I was his ride or die but it wasn't a bad reason why we split up now I think it might be space

    • reason was...

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